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Corporate History

•In 1984 Build a factory, and the enterprise has two 400KV electric arc furnaces;

•In 1993 For the first expansion, it has 8 800KV electric arc furnaces and an annual profit tax increase from tens of thousands of yuan to 5 million yuan. The enterprise has taken shape and entered the top 500 welfare enterprises in China, ranking 186th in terms of business scale;

•In 1996 The enterprise passed the national quality management standard acceptance, the quality management was on the right track, and the quality assurance ability was steadily rising. The product won the gold medal of the second China International New Technology Famous Product Expo and the Qinglong Award of Township and Village Enterprises in Liaoning Province;

•In 1997 For the second expansion, 16 new 1600KV electric arc furnaces were built, and 24 electric arc furnaces were owned. The enterprise became an important production base of refractory raw materials in China, and was recognized as a large-scale second grade Township and Village Enterprises by the Ministry of Agriculture;

•In 1998 The enterprise began to implement the ISO9001 quality standard and obtained the quality system certification certificate issued by the China Fangyuan Mark Certification Center in the same year. The quality assurance ability reached a new peak, and the fused magnesia product won the National Key New Product Award;

•In 1999 The brand awareness of enterprises is becoming stronger and stronger, and the fused magnesia products are officially registered with the State Trademark Administration.

•In 2000—2001 In order to improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise, nearly 10 million yuan has been invested in facility improvement and relocation of old factory areas. All electric furnace card head lifting systems are fixed track type, reducing operational difficulties while ensuring production quality. The investment in technology has gradually increased.

•In 2002 Investing in the construction of a carbon product production workshop and expanding it twice in 2003 and 2004, with an annual output of over ten thousand tons of graphite electrodes, achieving self-sufficiency and sales revenue generation of carbon products, and completing the initial adjustment of product structure.

•In 2003 Purchase two magnesite mines to realize self-sufficiency of magnesite raw materials and complete the second step of product structure adjustment.

•In 2003 The construction of a production line for magnesia carbon bricks with an annual output of 30000 tons began, and it was officially put into operation on August 25, 2004. The transition of products to deep processing and high added value has been completed, achieving a one-stop process of mining, electric melting magnesium smelting, deep processing of refractory raw materials, and self production of auxiliary materials. The product structure is becoming increasingly reasonable.

•In August 2005 Invest 15 million yuan to build six 3200KV electric arc furnaces, implement the five electrode smelting method, reduce consumption and improve quality, while doubling production efficiency, and continuing to maintain technical advantages in the same industry in the local area. In September of the same year, "Yingkou Shimei Refractory Co., Ltd." was established, and the production line of 20000 tons of refractory products began to be built, and the scale economy strategy was steadily implemented.

•In October 2005 The joint venture enterprise "Yingkou New Century Refractory Materials Co., Ltd.", with the original 30000 ton magnesia carbon brick production line as the main body, was established. The advantages of enterprise scale, technology, resources, and other aspects are becoming increasingly evident in the process of attracting investment.

•In April 2008 The enterprise was restructured and renamed as Dashiqiao Shifo Magnesium Products Co., Ltd.

•In October 2011 The 22 room circular baking kiln in the carbon workshop has been built and put into operation, achieving efficient, high-quality, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving production of natural graphite electrodes. The economic and social benefits of graphite electrode production have significantly improved.

•In 2016 The magnesium carbon brick production line achieves independent production, operation, and management.

•In 2017 The electric melting magnesium production workshop has been renovated, and all electric arc furnaces have been transformed into high-power furnace types of 4000 kV, achieving the characteristics of mechanization and high yield and excellent production. Reflect environmental protection, energy conservation, and efficiency.

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