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The higher the purity of high-purity magnesia, the fewer the binding phases!

2023-07-11 09:42:12

Magnesite dressing can only remove SiO2. If high purity is desired, Fe2O3, Al2O3 and very low ore can only be selected to remove SiO2 to achieve the goal. If we consider the comprehensive utilization of resources and improve the grade, we can only choose high silicon ore flotation. Manufacturer of fused magnesia

The higher the purity of high-purity magnesia, the fewer the binding phases, the more unstable it is, and it is not suitable for making refractory materials.

From the perspective of market demand, high-purity magnesia

What is the market demand for magnesia with MgO ≥ 98%? The variety structure of refractory raw materials should comply with the demand structure of the raw material market. From the perspective of steelmaking converter demand, except for products produced with high-purity magnesia with MgO ≥ 98% on both sides of the converter ear shafts and slag lines. Refractory products produced by high-purity magnesia in other regions.

Magnesite is a general term for the products of Magnesite and other magnesia raw materials that have been calcined once or twice by high-temperature equipment such as shaft kiln and Rotary kiln to reach the sintering degree. There are different classifications of magnesia, among which the magnesia fired from natural Magnesite is called sintered magnesia; The fused magnesite is formed by melting Magnesite in electric arc furnace and cooling it; Extracting magnesium oxide from seawater is called seawater magnesia.

Seawater magnesia and sintered magnesia. The production process of high-purity magnesia in foreign countries is advanced, but due to the high production cost, it has not formed an overall advantage.

The operation of the high-purity magnesia market is stable, with no changes in downstream demand, and manufacturers' quotations continue to remain stable.

Magnesia can be divided into two categories: natural magnesia and seawater magnesia, or synthetic magnesia. Natural magnesite mainly comes from natural Magnesite, but due to the quality restriction of raw ore, high-purity products are obtained. So far, seawater magnesite has become the main source of magnesite used in industrial developed countries. The theoretical content of MgO in Magnesite is 47.3%, and other impurities include SiO2, iron, etc.


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