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Ministry of Environmental Protection: Next year, the second round of central environmental supervision will be launched, lasting for 4 years

2023-07-11 10:26:09

On December 15, 2018, Li Ganjie, secretary of the Party Leadership Group, said in his speech at the annual meeting of China Ecological Civilization Forum in Nanning that a new round of inspection will be launched from next year. It is planned to carry out the second round of ecological inspection in four years. "It is planned that the first three years will be regular comprehensive inspection, and the next year will be" looking back "." Magnesia manufacturers

According to previous information released by the Ministry of Environment, as of December 6th, the second batch of ecological and environmental protection inspectors' "Looking Back" five inspection teams have completed the inspection work. During the period of entry, the inspection team received a total of 38133 valid reports, and after merging duplicate reports, 37679 were transferred to the local authorities. 26873 local cases have been completed, of which 12240 have been ordered to rectify; 2991 cases were filed and punished, with a fine of 214.1436 million yuan; 186 cases were investigated and 88 people were detained in administrative and criminal cases; 1804 people were interviewed and 2177 people were held accountable.

According to the arrangement, each inspection team has entered the stage of drafting inspection reports and sorting out problem files, and has arranged specialized personnel to continue to closely monitor the situation of local border supervision and rectification, ensuring that unresolved public reports can be promptly investigated and dealt with, made public, and held accountable, and that public reports are implemented and responded to.

Compared to the batch of "looking back" work carried out in the first half of this year, the names of the five inspection teams in the second batch of "looking back" have quietly changed, adding the word "ecological" to the original inspection team, which also reflects the changes brought about by institutional reform this year.

According to the "Three Determinations" plan, the former National Environmental Protection Supervision Office was renamed as the "Ecological Environment Protection Supervision Office" and became one of the 21 internal institutions of the Ministry of Environment. It is responsible for supervising the implementation of the dual responsibilities of the Party and government for ecological environment protection, formulating the ecological environment protection supervision system, work plan, implementation plan, and organizing implementation, and undertaking the organization and coordination of ecological environment protection supervision. Undertake the daily work of the ecological environment protection supervision working group.

The second round of inspectors will conduct future inspections like this

We will closely focus on fighting the battle against pollution, especially winning the battle to defend the blue sky, and carry out a round of environmental protection inspections. In about three years, we will complete the second round of inspections. Recently, at a regular press conference held after its establishment, spokesperson Liu Youbin introduced the work that the inspectors will carry out in 2018.

On the basis of achieving good results in the round of inspections, what new priorities will the second round of inspections have?

Looking back at the rectification of the opposite round

The comprehensive deepening reform committee meeting held on March 28th used the statement of "adhering to problem orientation, daring to take action and face challenges, and achieving significant results" to affirm the rotation of inspectors.

The data intuitively reflects the effectiveness. Since the launch of the inspection pilot in Hebei Province in December 2015, inspectors have conducted inspections in 31 provinces (districts, cities) within two years. During the inspection period, more than 18000 party and government officials were held accountable, 135000 environmental reports were received from the masses, and more than 80000 environmental issues around the masses were directly solved.

Before carrying out the second round of inspections, it is beneficial to review the rectification situation of the round of inspections and consolidate the achievements. Luo Jianhua, Vice President of the Environmental Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, believes that compared to the round, the focus of the second round of inspection may be on the resolution and effectiveness of feedback issues in the round. Chang Jiwen, Deputy Director of the Institute of Resources and Environment Policy, said, "The severity of 'looking back' should not be lower than that of rotating inspectors. Whether the problems that have been discovered have been rectified properly and whether new problems have emerged will be the focus. We should calculate the 'old accounts and new accounts' together

Promoting high-quality economic development

At the meeting of the Comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission, the report on the summary of environmental protection inspections and considerations for the next steps was reviewed. The meeting pointed out that the next step is to focus on solving prominent environmental problems, environmental quality, and promoting high-quality economic development, consolidate the political responsibility of ecological civilization construction and environmental protection, and promote the in-depth development of environmental protection supervision.

Promoting high-quality economic development has put forward new tasks for inspectors. Previously, in various regions, the role of inspectors in forcing industrial upgrading has been continuously demonstrated, promoting the transformation of the economy towards high-quality development. Taking Zhejiang Province as an example, many regions have taken the opportunity of inspection to promote the transformation and upgrading of local characteristic industries. Quzhou City has formulated a plan for the transformation and upgrading of the calcium industry to guide qualified enterprises to implement mergers and acquisitions and asset integration. Wenzhou promoted the transformation and upgrading of the forging and casting industry. Through supervision and rectification, 107 casting enterprises in Dajing Town, Yueqing, Wenzhou were eliminated and dismantled, and 31 casting enterprises selected by Longwan District were integrated into 8.

The existing supervision and accountability, supervision and law enforcement work can be seen as a stress test, achieving a win-win situation with the economy. Practice has proven that promoting green development and increasing environmental protection efforts are suitable and feasible for the impact of economic pressure. "said Wu Shunze, director of the Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center.

Improve the supervision mechanism

At the end of last year, Liu Changgen, Deputy Director of the National Environmental Protection Supervision Office, introduced at a press conference that the second round of supervision will further improve the supervision mechanism and gradually incorporate environmental protection supervision into the legalization and standardization track.

During the inspection process, interviews are an important means of supervision, playing a deterrent and warning role. In the new round of inspections, the interview work will also be intensified. Our goal is to promote a comprehensive work through interviews, "Liu Changgen said. In 2018, the interviewees plan to focus on the following aspects: firstly, in order to fight against pollution, interviews should be conducted in areas with insufficient efforts, lagging work, and concentrated problems; The second is in areas where the three "ten goals" of atmosphere, water, and soil have not been completed, resulting in a significant decrease in environmental quality; Thirdly, areas where inadequate rectification and problem rebound have caused adverse effects; The fourth is in areas with poor resolution of prominent environmental issues that have been exposed by news media or strongly reflected by the public.

In addition, efforts will be made to guide local authorities in establishing a provincial-level inspection system, achieving a national, provincial, and provincial-level inspection system and mechanism, and leveraging the linkage effect of inspections


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