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Recently roasted magnesia, regarding the extraction, types, and properties of magnesia

2023-07-11 09:42:47

What is magnesia?

Magnesite is calcined at high temperature from Magnesite, bischofite or Magnesium hydroxide extracted from seawater. It is a general term for the products of Magnesite and other magnesian raw materials that have been treated at high temperature to reach the sintering process. Magnesia produced by one-step or two-step calcination process with high-temperature equipment such as shaft kiln and Rotary kiln, using natural Magnesite as raw material is called sintered magnesia; Seawater magnesia is produced by extracting magnesium oxide from seawater from Magnesite and other raw materials that are melted and cooled in an electric arc furnace. Fused magnesia

Magnesia is one of the important raw materials for refractory materials, used in the manufacturing of various magnesium bricks, magnesium aluminum bricks, ramming materials, furnace repair materials, etc. It contains a lot of impurities and is used for laying steel furnace bottoms, etc.

The high-purity magnesite is produced by flotation purification of natural super grade magnesite ore, light burning, fine grinding, ball pressing and ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln calcination. It is a high-quality raw material for brick making refractory materials.

Magnesia sand is produced from lightly burned magnesium oxide with a MgO content of 97% through processes such as ball pressing and high-temperature vertical kiln calcination. The product has good sintering degree and dense crystallization, making it a high-quality raw material for producing medium grade magnesium refractory products.


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