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Magnesium ore skyrocketed 100%, benefiting companies with millions of tons of magnesia resources (with shares attached)

2023-07-11 09:44:13

From the perspective of the supplier, the current supply of magnesium refractory materials is tight, and manufacturers are facing significant cost pressure. Manufacturer of fused magnesia

One is the tight inventory of magnesium refractory materials in steel enterprises. According to reports from steel companies, in response to the shortage of magnesium refractory resources and rapid price increases, some steel companies have conducted targeted large-scale inventory replenishment in the early stage. Recently, magnesium refractory inventory has been at a low level in nearly two years. At present, with the significant increase in raw material procurement prices, magnesium refractory material manufacturers have basically ensured production supply. Although inventory is tight, they can still meet the current production needs of steel enterprises. Another steel company has stated that currently, magnesium refractory material manufacturers use pre inventory raw materials. With a decrease in inventory from raw material suppliers, the supply situation of magnesium refractory materials in the later stage will not be optimistic.

Secondly, manufacturers of magnesium refractory materials face high cost pressures. Due to the tight supply of raw materials and significant price increases, refractory material manufacturers are facing significant cost pressure and have a strong willingness.


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